Jul 23, 2013

India's first Live Astrologer Consultation App!

The Live Phone Advice service is a one-of-a-kind and exclusive real-time phone consultation service that allows users to select astrologers from a panel of renowned astrologers and consult online astrologers as per the user’s specific need. Rates of astrologers differ and customers can make their choice depending upon their spending power and requirement. Users need to update their balance by opting for any one of the available packages. Once the account is recharged, users can use their account balance to talk to an astrologer. The call is charged on a rate per minute basis.

The app titled ‘Astroyogi Astrologers’ available on the Google Play store (android platform) comes packed with all features of the popular ‘Live Phone Advice’ service. Users can now download this app and consult on the go. Once downloaded, the user can sign up and start making calls to astrologers of his or her choice. The app is launched in its beta version and will soon be made live for international users too. Currently, it’s available for callers from India only.

The app runs on android phones and can be downloaded for FREE. All users also get a Free 5 Minute consultation on downloading the app for the first time.


Kalpit patidar said...

Free Astrology Consultancy is a superior way to get all problem solve in our life and create our life happier ahead and enjoy every moment of life.

online astrologer said...

Thank You

one of the best blogs that I've ever read on this topic..congratulations :)



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