Mar 19, 2010

Gemstones for luck...

Which gemstone is lucky for you?

As a creative and outgoing Arian the Diamond can act as a powerful good luck charm for you. Often referred to as `The king of gemstones` wearing a diamond could attract wealth and usher in a luxurious life for you. It should be worn when advised on a Friday on the middle finger. If you are looking to specifically improve your finances a garnet might be better for you.

As you are a practical Taurean the Emerald is your lucky gemstone. Wearing this stone will increase your luck. It will help you to achieve all the luxuries and comforts that you desire. It will also serve to increase your wealth and property manifold. It will in essence protect you from all kinds of losses and evil influences. It should only be worn on a Wednesday after consultation.

As a witty and adaptable Gemini your lucky stone is the Pearl. It will motivate you and enhance your self esteem. This will take away all the negative energies and help increase luck and fortune. You also have a choice between a diamond and a quartz to help enhance your luck as both of these could bring you monetary success. Wear a pearl around your neck and take it off when it loses its luster.

As an emotional and sensitive Cancerian the stone that can enhance your luck is the Moonstone. This will help you to spend your money wisely as you tend to be careless regarding your finances at times. It will also help you to imbibe the virtues of saving. The Moonstone can bring new contacts and business opportunities. Wear a new and clear stone to balance your positive and negative energies.

Being a feisty and independent Leo the stone recommended for you to increase financial luck is the Ruby. It generally removes all obstacles from the path to your financial success. It is also known to aid monetary gains and new ventures. It helps overcome difficulties in obtaining property and control the loss of assets. Wear it only after consulting an expert astrologer and only on a Tuesday.

If you are a Virgo the yellow sapphire is the recommended stone for you to enhance your financial prospects. It will motivate you and help turn your dreams into reality. It is also widely known to bring good luck to its owner. It can be said to act almost like a magnet to attract success. It should be worn only on the right index finger on a Thursday after proper consultation and never with a diamond.

As a balanced Libran you are advised to wear an Opal for luck. It wards off any king of negative energies, helps you take the right decisions and works to provide you motivation and energy. It will work to focus your mental capacities on your work so that you can get the desired results. You are also advised to wear it at the start of something important if you want results.

As a Scorpion the lucky stone for you is a coral. It will not only help increase your finances but help you manage it well. It is not to be worn without consulting an expert astrologer. It brings in monetary gains and helps new ventures take off without a hitch. It will also help you overcome difficulties in obtaining property and control losses. It should be worn in ring finger of the right hand.

As a Sagittarian you are advised to wear a Blue Sapphire for good luck. This stone will bring you financial rewards if you have been experiencing difficulties. Your dream of owning your own business may also be realized. It is known to give the fastest results and provide solutions to major problems. It should be worn alone on a Saturday on the advice of an astrologer.

As a Capricorn you are advised to wear an Onyx for success and to ward off negativity especially at work. It provides you strength and determination which are essential to success for you. It will also prevent you from spending money too freely which you are apt to do at times. With the help of this stone you can meet all goals and overcome the trickiest of obstacles.

As an intellectual Aquarian you are advised to wear an Amethyst to bring stability in your life. It has the power to turn your dreams into reality. It has also been known to resolve the most difficult of situations for its owner. It is praised for its ability to be a natural attractor of prosperity. It will bring abundance in your financial venturesand will inspire stability.

As an intuitive but restless Piscean you are advised to wear a Jade which is considered to be the stone of good fortune. It is also famous for being a protective stone guarding against misfortune of any kind. Jade assists you in clear reasoning which will help you take the right decisions in business. It increases your focus and shows you the right path to achieve your goals.

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