Dec 5, 2011

Love forecast for 2012

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How will you fare in terms of love in the year 2012? Will it bring happiness or troubles in your love life? Find out what the stars indicate for you in the coming months.

Aries: You realize the importance of spending time with your sweetheart and this improves things a great deal for you. There will be balance and a sense of harmony prevailing during this period. The middle of the year will be a significant time to take important decisions regarding your love life. 2012 will be peaceful year for you.

Taurus: Singles may realize that they have been chasing the wrong person all this while. This decision helps you stay out of problems and you ensure your future stays happy. Those of you planning to tie the knot may face some difficult situations and delay any such plans. You will enjoy your freedom and will not mind waiting till a more opportune time.

Gemini: Travel is on the cards for most of you in 2012. Pack your bags and be ready to set out on a romantic trip with your partner. Your love life will be stable and you will be satisfied with the way things are on this front.

Cancer: A romantic year is indicated for you. You may see some of your fantasies coming true during this fantastic period. Marriage is on the cards for some of you. You will finally decide to take things to the next level with someone you are deeply in love with.

Leo: In 2012, your search for your soul mate will finally come to an end, thanks to some help from the Moon and Venus. Do not be lured into a fling with someone you are barely acquainted with, at the start of the year as this could lead to complications in your love life.

Virgo: In 2012 you need to take advantage of any opportunities that allow you to establish a harmonious relationship. You will be able to rearrange your life completely to make more time for leisure, thanks to the Moon and Venus. This will also leave you with more time to devote to your partner and shower him or her with love and affection.

Libra: The year 2012 will be a great year for you Librans! People get attracted to your warm, generous and happy-go-lucky attitude. You will meet someone who will respond to your addictive Libran charm. Those of you already in a committed relationship may face some problems but you will use your warm nature to maintain a balance in your relationship.

Scorpio: Don`t let any clash of personality create a pitfall in your love life, especially during the beginning of the year. Saturn is going to play a bit rough, do be careful about engaging in ego battles with your partner. You might not be satisfied with the state of affairs sometime in March which will make you want to review things and make some changes.

Sagittarius: 2012 will turn out to be quite an exciting phase of your life especially where love is concerned. This period will be full of excitement and you will see some wonderful improvements take place in your love life. Some of you after making a few mistakes regarding your choice of partner will ultimately bump into someone who is just perfect for you.

Capricorn: 2012 is full of excitement and spontaneous fun for you where love is concerned. For all you single people who have been waiting for something exciting to happen in your love life, your prayers will finally be answered. You will meet someone in March, thanks to the Moon, who will seem like the perfect match for you in every way.

Aquarius: 2012 is all about moving ahead and leaving all past disappointments behind. Some of you will have to realize this before you can expect miracles in your love life. Holding on to excess baggage from the past will only ruin your future. You will be well equipped to deal with any knocks in your personal life, which will earn you the appreciation of your partner.

Pisces: New moons always open doors, although at a total eclipse of the Sun you may be asked to create space for that new meeting or opportunity. This is how the year 2012 will be for you in terms of love! There will be sudden changes, ups and downs and moments of joy and sadness. It will be a highly emotional year for you.

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